Sullivan Plastic Products
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Sullivan Plastic Products

Sullivan Plastic Products

"If you can make it out of plywood, we can make it out of plastic."

Sullivan Plastic ProductsWelcome to Sullivan Plastic Products! Our company uses High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with heat extrusion welding to fabricate custom products for your business, boat, RV or camper. We also are able to repair items made from HDPE, such as kayaks and canoes.

HDPE is extremely versatile, making it the perfect choice for so many different purposes. Our products are suitable for food grade and aquaculture applications. We enjoy developing new products for our customers, which is part of the excitement of a custom fabricating business. Sullivan Plastic Products fabricates a standard-size line of products, including lobster tanks and bait boxes, along with our custom tanks and covers.

We understand the importance of fair pricing and our dedication to customer service is unmatched.

Our business is located on Route 1 in Sullivan, Maine (near Sumner Memorial High School). Email us at with any questions or ideas or call us at 207-422-2323.

Sullivan Plastic Products News!

A sampling of the products we can provide for you:

Commercial Fishing / Sport Fishing

  • Standard size lobster and bait tanks available
  • Sullivan Plastic Products
  • Lobster tanks with and without floating bottoms
  • Bait boxes: center crank-up with no cables
  • Dip tanks: rope, buoy, trap
  • Battery boxes
  • Band boxes
  • Custom ice/refrigerator boxes
  • Custom covers with culling boxes and drop chutes
  • Hauler guards
  • Tote-tippers
  • Registration number boards
  • Custom lockers
  • Survival suit storage cases
  • Deck seats and lockers
  • Shellfish shucking tables
Restaurant Kitchens / Food PreparationSullivan Plastic Products
  • Custom display units
  • Prep cutting surfaces
  • Deli cold case
Aquaculture Industry
  • Custom biofiltration systems
  • Brood tanks
  • Filters
  • Fish transport tanks
RV, Campers
  • Fresh water tanks
  • Gray water tanks
  • Tank / Shower repairs
Miscellaneous Applications
  • Custom made polyethylene pontoons
  • Snow plow blades
  • Custom gear & tool boxes for off-road vehicles and 4 wheelers
  • Kayak and canoe repair
  • Dip baskets for machine parts
  • Shipping containers
  • This material is extremely versatile and allows unlimited uses in many fields!

Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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